It seems I’m always more generous to panhandlers when I am broke. 

I always prefer to give money to panhandlers than to charities when I’m feeling charitable too. “But they might use that money on drugs!” Yeah… and drugs are fun and a temporary release from all the plights of homelessness… Charities might use the money to have rich people get richer. 

I don’t necessarily agree as an absolute that charities make rich people richer.

But completely agree with you on those that are broke are more charitable. One time I watched a video where there were 2 guys, and one of them would buy a pizza and give it to someone, and the other would walk up a little bit later and ask if he could have a slice because he was hungry. Families eating inside the restaurant basically told him to fuck off, when they gave it to a homeless man, the man just told him to help himself


Anonymous asked:

People with differing ideas from you are still people. You still need to respect them as people.

coreyliftsworld answered:

I refuse to respect National Socialists, fascists, and nazi’s as people, because they have consciously chosen to be monsters. 

They have consciously chosen to wish death on people for their race, ethnicity, and sexual orientation, and have consciously chosen to be proud of the deaths, beatings, and torture of those people, and in fact have taken it upon themselves to look at doing these things to people as something to be proud of. 

Oh, you do charity work? Good for you, you’re still scum because you think the Holocaust is the greatest thing to ever happen. You’re a good parent? Sorry, still scum because you’re also teaching your children that your ideals and rhetoric of hate. 

Respect them as people. 

You fucking kidding me? 

Tell that the the Jehovah’s Witnesses, Roma, homeosexuals, Jews, opposing political party members, and others that were imprisoned in around 20,000 camps the Germans established. Tell that the the people Menegle experimented on. Tell that the the Soviet POWs that were shot and gassed at Majdanek. 

Oh wait, you can’t. Because only a small fraction of the people sent to these camps survived. 

And you want me to respect the people that want to bring this back? Who view this as the best thing that could ever happen? Who want to go out into the streets at night and reenact the Night of Broken Glass? 


Not happening. 






Hell yeah, man. Right there with you.

I kind of have to play devils advocate here and point out that it’s a very fine line between respecting that they’re a person too and hating them that much because of their ideals makes you only slightly different than they are. If you saw nazis and socialists being tortured or dying agonizing deaths then you’re the same as they are. Being a Christian, to me it comes down to hate the sin not the sinner mentality. If they haven’t killed and tortured others then they don’t deserve it either just because they take big about something doesn’t mean they need to be hated. People are still people but if you don’t treat them that way then how can you hate them for doing the same thing?

Where did I say they deserve to go through what the victims of their ideologies went through? And yes. They still deserve to be hated. Playing devils advocate for Nazis are you joking? Oh, you guys only talk about dragging gay men in the street and castrating them, but since you haven’t done it yet, you’re alright. Oh, so you’ve only talked about beating people with brown skin in the head with baseball bats, you still deserve the respect anyone else gets because you only talk about and advance hate and inspire it in others but haven’t actually acted on it yet.

Hating Nazi’s because they make the concious choice to be Nazi’s is so far down the scale from being the same thing as hating and wanting to kill someone because your skin is white and their skin is brown that I can’t even think of a good exaggeration for it. I cannot.

I’m not a nazis nor remotely a fan of their principles and ideas. I know they’re wrong and openly discriminating of anyone different than themselves which is unjustifiable. But you can’t incriminate people for their thoughts and ideas until they act on them. When you say it’s ok to do that then the principle will apply across the board and they can do it right back to you. Everyone thinks their thoughts or ideals are what is truly right, and as human beings they have the right to do that. When they start acting on them and actually hurting others then yes we can take action against it. Incriminating thoughts and ideas is not anarchist in nature nor is it pro human beings. They have the right to choose their own ideals even if they choose wrong.

I don’t know where you got me being an anarchist from, but I’m not.

They have a right to chose their ideals. I also have the right to think they’re despicable filth because they have those ideals. I have the right to think they’re a no good piece of shit for having their ideals.
Pro-human being are you fucking kidding me? You want to say that hating someone because they’re a fucking fascist isn’t pro-human being when those very people want to kill torture and maim a large portion of human beings? Holy shit.

I sure as fuck can incrimate on thoughts and ideals holy shit. If someone walks up to me and says “I’ve been thinking about molesting children” am I supposed to go “Well there Jim, you think your ideals are the best and until you act on it, I’m not saying mum about it.”

Holy shit. And people wonder why people get murdered and hate crimes happen. “Well, he just was talking about it and thinking about it, but you know, its not really pro-human being to incriminate someone for thinking about blowing up a mosque, but now that he’s killed two hundred people because their skins a different color and he has a swazi tattoo on his ass, we can say something about it!”

I will say, that most national socialist blogs I’ve seen on here do not typically state any wishes of harm on non white people in their countries. Most I’ve seen show a slight sense of superiority towards non white people(which is still not cool), but typically just want all countries to be mostly filled with their own nationality, and skilled, legal immigrants.

I’ve even seen some of them post messages of support to other non white nations being occupied by other nations, where soldiers of the occupying nation are killing and raping people therr, and they’ve stated that their beliefs about nationalism still apply to non white nations and they believe a terrible thing is happening there.

And before I get any shit from anybody about following any nationalist blogs, I follow a wide range of blogs, from hard core feminists to nationalists to thin privilege blogs to SJW communists. People who are strong in their own convictions that don’t agree with my convictions make me stronger and more knowledgeable in my own convictions.





Meet Kendall Jones. This 19 year old cheerleader from Texas is hunting wildlife in Africa for sport. :(

If you have any love for animals, especially endangered species, sign the petition below and share! Taking two seconds out of your day can save the lives of many beautiful animals.

“Kendall Jones is an American born hunter who has entered the continent and has been hunting African wildlife under the facade of conservation. She has publicly stated that she hopes to have a television hunting show and she is using endangered and helpless African animals as a stepping to further her popularity on social media platforms.

She has already recieved much protest, peaceful or otherwise from a wide variety of people from all over the world on her social profiles, and has, on those platforms, visibly scoffed and shaken off those protests, claiming that protestors are misinformed, or simply the ‘sheep’ to her ‘lion’ morals.

With enough support globally we can take a step in the right direction with regards to animal conservation, and help put an end to practices such as these, in hopes of conserving what precious little is left of our natural world.”

Please sign and reblog!

I hope she dies

1. She donates the meat from these animals to villages that have little to no food.

2. They pay thousands of dollars to hunt here, most of which goes to conservation efforts.

3. She doesn’t hunt anything with ivory.

4. Some of the animals have been tranquilized for conservation efforts.

5. She’s not the only person who does this, so stopping her does absolutely nothing but good try.

6. The people that live near where she hunts are thankful for her and want her and others to hunt there.

7. She isn’t hunting (killing) anything endangered.

Besides the fact you and others are blindly beliving something without checking first, there is something I take issue with the most. Your immediate response to see this (false) information about this girl, is to wish for her death. I cannot even begin to describe how many levels of not okay and disgusting that is. I love animals too, and I gladly will support efforts that will preserve endangered species as well as efforts done to protect animals that are abused and neglected, PEACEFUL efforts! Not ones that make you no better than a killer. Wishing for death on someone is not okay! We should fight to protect and preserve animals through diplomatic and peaceful means and PROSECUTE those who break the law by abusing animals and poaching endangered species.

If several pieces of information on the issue wasn’t woefully inaccurate about the girl then I wouldn’t even be commenting. However the op is wrong about the girl as is everyone believing and spreading this misinformation, I acknowledge well meaning intentions from my fellow animal lovers, but guys no. Stop spreading misinformation and believing everything you read. FACT CHECK AND RESEARCH BEFORE YOU BLINDLY BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU READ ON TUMBLR!

Please stop writing off people who are calling this out as “wrong”, and actually REALLY look into it. A lot of people who have stated that she isn’t doing anything illegal, have looked into this, so please, just read more on it before deciding the other side is wrong.

Look, like it or not, what she is doing bottom line, is not illegal.  She is not a poacher.  You can get angry all you like, but at the end of the day she still hasn’t done anything illegal like some claim.  

Now if you are anti-hunting in general, then this is something different that is a different issue than dealing with poaching.  What do you people think you are doing?  I have seen death threats thrown at her, people screaming they wish for her to die, people screaming they wish she was hunted down and shot like she was an animal, people sending her rape threats, and sending her harassing messages and bullying her-calling her all sorts of disgusting names that I’m not even going to mention, several of them which are downright sexist.  How is this helping animals you wish to save?  How is this going to get people to see your viewpoint of hunting being wrong?  Because you people blowing up on her, she has garnered FAR MORE SUPPORT in response to the enormous blacklash and harassment she received.  People will not look at animal rights activist and see it as a cause to support or join, they’ll just see crazy hateful VIOLENT people and turn away and not listen!  YOU ARE DOING DAMAGE TO THE ANIMAL RIGHTS CAUSE! CAN YOU NOT SEE THAT?! If you can’t see how disgusting and hypocritical this toxic and hateful behavior is, then I implore you to at least REALIZE how damaging to the cause you claim to fight for is when you do things like this! By spreading misinformation, not fully researching, jumping on a hate bandwagon, sending her death threats, WISHING death and rape on this girl, and calling her all sorts of sexist slurs isn’t going to win you any points, favors, or supporters.  If any of you are animal rights activists who don’t agree with any support of this cheerleader, then PLEASE at the very least call out people you see who do nasty things like this!  You should not condone something like this in the animal rights cause!

In closing…while the op is misinformed, they at least aren’t wishing death upon this girl. I understand your intentions op, so thank you for caring about animals and wanting to do something to protect them, not wishing death upon this girl; even if you are incorrect about the facts on her. Wishing death on someone is not okay and is not something anyone on this website should subscribe too. Sending her hate, calling her all sorts of nasty names, harassing her, sending her rape and death threats…NO! DO. NOT. DO. THIS. EVER! Especially when you don’t have all the facts.


I think a lot of the time in films, men get roles where they create their own destiny and women are just tools, supporters for that.

Movie has male character with supporting actress Feminists: “wow a movie in which a man fulfills his destiny and a woman just is a tool to fulfill his destiny”Movie has female lead with supporting actor Feminists: “wow a movie where a woman is fulfilling her destiny which is cool but then needs a man to help her realize her full potential, how sexist”Movie has male leads and supporting actorsFeminists: “Wow this movie had no significant women with no interesting back stories or character development, completely sexist”Apparently feminists are only satisfied with majority female movies
I think a lot of the time in films, men get roles where they create their own destiny and women are just tools, supporters for that.

Movie has male character with supporting actress
Feminists: “wow a movie in which a man fulfills his destiny and a woman just is a tool to fulfill his destiny”

Movie has female lead with supporting actor
Feminists: “wow a movie where a woman is fulfilling her destiny which is cool but then needs a man to help her realize her full potential, how sexist”

Movie has male leads and supporting actors
Feminists: “Wow this movie had no significant women with no interesting back stories or character development, completely sexist”

Apparently feminists are only satisfied with majority female movies